The Game

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The Goal

Throught the map are purple regions with numbers. The goal is to get exactly as many boxes into the purple region as the the number says to. All regions must have the exact number of boxes.

Also scattered throughout the map are red regions. If the player enter's a red region, the level resets. Nothing happens if a box enter's a red region, but you'll probably need to get it out of there.

The yellow regions, however, behave differently. Althought they have no effect on the player, they will cause any blocks that enter them to teleport.

The Controls


  1. If two blocks fall into the same corner, they will behave as a single block. Use this to your advantage, or use the Scatter move to split them up.
  2. If you find yourself needing to push a block away from a wall, you can either use Scatter to move it, or press against the wall and Repel to send it flying in the other direction.
  3. When you're sliding down a wall, press Z to rotate gravity so that wall is the floor, or press Space to wall-kick away.
  4. If you can find a small nook, the close proximitt of walls in severall directions can be used to change gravity rapidly.
  5. It's entirely possible to put a level into an un-beatable state. If this happens, press r to try again.